Multidisciplinary artist. Studio based în Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Interactive product design with optical and light effects as a central theme.


  • Onnda KitOnnda Kit

    Onnda Kit

    136,00 146,00  Incl VAT
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  • Onnda Flame C-SOnnda Flame C-S

    Onnda Flame C-S

    49,00  Incl VAT
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  • Onnda Flame C-LOnnda Flame C-L

    Onnda Flame C-L

    63,00 73,00  Incl VAT
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  • Onnda Flame C-MOnnda Flame C-M

    Onnda Flame C-M

    72,00 82,00  Incl VAT
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  • Onnda Flame F-FOnnda Flame F-F

    Onnda Flame F-F

    67,00 83,00  Incl VAT
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  • Totem lampTotem lamp

    Totem lamp

    670,00  Incl VAT
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  • Oneness lampOneness lamp

    Oneness lamp

    593,00  Incl VAT
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  • Noosphere wall lampNoosphere wall lamp

    Noosphere wall lamp

    373,00 498,00  Incl VAT
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  • Noosphere table LampNoosphere table Lamp

    Noosphere table Lamp

    1.370,00  Incl VAT
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  • Event horizon lampEvent horizon lamp

    Event horizon lamp

    425,00  Incl VAT
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  • Aurora lampAurora lamp

    Aurora lamp

    499,00 636,00  Incl VAT
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The interactive nature of the objects opens up a space for immersive experiences, enabling the viewer to be a co-producer of the piece. 

More than objects, I mostly designs experiences that challenge perception and showcase the invisible forces that surround us. This  brings reality in a new light, thus transforming the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

I believe that these types of interactions are something very valuable , especially in the super fast paced world we are living in. They offer moments of contemplation, space to pause our hectic lives, fulfilling the need for beauty and awe.


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