Catrinel’s work straddles between product design, installation, and sculpture.

Her multidisciplinary approach often finds its roots in science and philosophy, whilst the making, quite experimental, is oriented towards material exploration.

Catrinel’s work is driven by her interests in perception&movement. The themes she tackles most are time perception, entropy, light and nature.

Through her interactive objects, she designs experiences which challenge perception and visualize the invisible forces that surround in an engaging manner. This brings reality in a new light, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

In her process, she uses a mix of advanced manufacturing techniques such as laser cutting and hands-on ones such as casting. The objects often embody a scaffolding of technical components, which is used to mimic an organic/natural inspired phenomena.

Exhibitions & Awards









2016 Lund University : Erasmus Exchange, BA industrial design

2013- 2017 University of Edinburgh • Ba HONS design

2004-2013 : Romulus Ladea High School of Fine Arts

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