Looking at, looking through

Through the installation “Looking at, looking through” we intend  to transform the Trancu bridge from a passage point, into a destination in itself. 

The site has a pyramidal structure as its central point,  on the faces of which we will be  attaching  a semi-transparent material called dichroic foil.

Through its  composition, depending on the angle from which it is viewed, dichroic materials  create a whole spectrum of lights, reflections and shadows. Placed in this frame, the pyramid compresses the space and the installation creates a special contrast between the environments, between the brutalist architecture, which frames it and the eclectic interior, combining a play of radiance and radiant illusions. For this reason, the dynamic site of the walkway is ideal

to visualize and experience this effect, because the  audience must  move to fulfill

the functionality of the work. Thus, a visually heterogeneous environment is outlined, in which

the viewer becomes the co-creator of the work.

Inside this pyramid, there is another component, suspended, in the form of a vortex

which connects the plane of passersby  with that of the water. The spiral containing a series of

elements made of dichroic plexiglass . The composition has an organic, fluid appearance.

The central element of the pyramid highlights the illusion of connecting the water with the sky – causing the audience to

“Orbit” around it. With each step, the material generates illusions triggered by the movement of the sun causing  recurring and unpredictable changes in light and color

 Design by : Catrinel Sabaciag & Paul Moldovan

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