Morfoza : light & color out of this world, is a unique and versatile luminaire using the light spectrum to create mesmerizing light effects. The innovative luminaire metamorphoses from a minimal monochrome light source into a full burst of colourful dynamic motifs.It offers an escape into a realm of otherwordly light and color whilst also questioning visual perception.


The light effects are produced by humble materials such as plastic film and only uses white light. Our studio’s innovative design solution brings these materials into a completely unexpected light. The almost surreal lightscape aims to question our perception of daily objects and experiences: What is real? How much of „reality” are we able to perceive?


The lamp comes in two sizes and two fixture options: wall fixture and table lamp. The five available light effects are: Basic: dimming monochrome effect/Stripes pattern/ 3D iridescent pattern organic/ 3D iridescent pattern geometrical/ Color gradient

Our moods and needs are constantly changing. Morfoza is just as versatile as we are. The lamp displays a wide spectrum of 3D light&color effects from organic to geometrical; fully saturated to pastel and monochrome. The disks producing the light-effects can be easily interchanged.

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