Through the installation „Mur-Mur“ we intend to transform the entrance area of the building made on Calea Dumbravii no. 71,
from a walking path into a destination in itself.
The installation marks the route of the inhabitants and visitors of the building. The installation is made of dichroic plexiglass pieces
arranged in an organic pattern, inspired by the flight of birds in flocks.
The dynamic and fluid nature of the installation invites and guides the viewer inside the building. Through the composition of
dichroic plexiglass, depending on the angle from which it is viewed, the work creates a whole spectrum of lights, reflections and
shadows. Located in this setting , the installation reinvents the space and creates a special contrast between the environments,
between the geometric architecture of the building, which frames it and the eclectic interior, which combines a play of rays and
radiant colors. For this reason, the entrance to the building is the ideal space to view and experience this effect, the public being
forced to move in oredr to fulfill the functionality of the work. Thus, a visually heterogeneous environment is outlined, in which
the viewer becomes a co-creator of the work. At each step, the material generates effects triggered by the movement of the sun
that cause recurrent and unpredictable changes in light and color. This play of lights and colors creates for the inhabitants of the
building an experience prior to arriving home.
The organic distribution of the pieces is inspired by „murmuration“ (English term). It refers to the organization of migratory birds in
Scientists believe that this type of flight is similar to other systems, such as crystal formation, avalanches, metal magnetization, etc.
In such a flight there is no bird directing the flight, but they fly in unison, thus protecting the group. Like birds, people find security
in groups. We considered that the building, a symbol of the union of individuals, is suitable to be brought to life by an installation.

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