"Morfoza encourages viewers to "drift away into a realm of otherworldly light" by producing mesmerising bursts of colour and dynamic motifs. It is available in two different sizes and fixtures. The colour effects are produced by white light passing through interchangeable discs that are lined with "humble materials" like plastic film. The studio hopes that using simple materials in this way will encourage people to question how they perceive everyday objects."

"The young designer Catrinel Săbăciag, founder of Catrinel S.tudio, creates projects in between product design, installation and sculpture, drawing inspiration from the natural world, science and philosophy."

"Through her interactive objects, she designs experiences which challenge perception and visualize the invisible forces that surround in an engaging manner. This brings reality in a new light, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary."

"Following the competition for artists, Catrinel Sabaciag’s work ,,/ Murumur / ” was chosen as the winner and can already be seen on the access path to the entrance on Calea Dumbrăvii 71. The jury appreciated the concept of the project, the fluidity of the composition and the use of body movement, the coherence of the project and the way the artistic concept was built in the context of the entrance."

"Driven by her interest in perception and movement, Romanian artist and designer Catrinel Sabaciag, experiments with materials, science, and philosophy to create unique pieces that combine product design, installations, and sculpture. "

"Driven by her interest in perception and movement, the themes she tackles most are time, entropy, light, and nature. Through her interactive objects, she designs experiences that challenge perception and attempt to visualize and engage the invisible forces that surround us. Bringing reality in a new light, in her process, she uses a mix of advanced manufacturing techniques, such as laser cutting, as well as classical hands-on ones, such as casting."

"Although fidgeting is sometimes stigmatized new research proves that it is actually beneficial for our mental and physical health, improving problem solving and increasing creativity."

"Catrinel Sabaciag's work is driven by her interest in perception and movement. The themes she is most concerned with are time perception, entropy, light and nature."

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