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Onnda is a family of objects that embody dichroic effects. Owing to its composition, the material creates a whole spectrum of lights, reflections, and shadows that shift and change depending on the viewpoint of the observer. All the objects aim to capture the ethereal beauty of ever-changing lightscapes.

Onnda is the result of our ongoing investigation into optical phenomena and our fascination with transparencies, reflections, and shadows. Our inspiration often comes from nature and we strive to bring you the experience of wonder and fascination we feel when gazing at nature. The shape used – the circle – is a primordial, universal form, as are the elements that shape the collection. Onnda incorporates five elements: fire, air, light, and time. Each element is embodied in a different object: fire in candleholders, air in wind spinners, light in luminaires, and time in alternative clocks.

ONNDA flame

  • Onnda Flame F-FOnnda Flame F-F

    Onnda Flame F-F

    67,00 83,00  Incl VAT
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  • Onnda Flame C-MOnnda Flame C-M

    Onnda Flame C-M

    72,00 82,00  Incl VAT
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  • Onnda Flame C-LOnnda Flame C-L

    Onnda Flame C-L

    63,00 73,00  Incl VAT
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  • Onnda Flame C-SOnnda Flame C-S

    Onnda Flame C-S

    49,00  Incl VAT
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  • Onnda KitOnnda Kit

    Onnda Kit

    136,00 146,00  Incl VAT
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A collection of candleholders displaying infinitely mirrored flames trailing off into the colorful abyss. Paying homage to the primordial element, Onnda Flame places fire at the heart of otherwordly objects. The candle holder has a concentric design, thereby casting colorful shadows in the ambient space. The shades, shadows, and reflections are ever-changing depending on the time of the day, the light source, and the viewpoint of the observer.

Onnda Flame designed for cylindrical candles comes in a circular shape and in three different sizes. Onnda Flame for stick candles is inspired by the filiform shape of a candle‘s flame. We have also designed a kit that enables you to get creative, mix and match the disks, and design your own candle holder. The object’s bases are hand cast in Jesmonite, each piece thus being unique. Jesmonite is a water-based, eco-friendly mineral resin that mimics stone. The candleholders can be placed on a surface or, with the help of our ingenious hanging systems, on the wall, thereby receiving the place they deserve in your home or any other space.


  • Event horizon lampEvent horizon lamp

    Event horizon lamp

    425,00  Incl VAT
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  • Aurora lampAurora lamp

    Aurora lamp

    499,00 636,00  Incl VAT
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  • Totem lampTotem lamp

    Totem lamp

    670,00  Incl VAT
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  • Oneness lampOneness lamp

    Oneness lamp

    593,00  Incl VAT
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  • Noosphere wall lampNoosphere wall lamp

    Noosphere wall lamp

    373,00 498,00  Incl VAT
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  • Noosphere table LampNoosphere table Lamp

    Noosphere table Lamp

    1.370,00  Incl VAT
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Onnda Light is the result of Catrinel‘s interest in shaping light using optical material properties. The luminaires are composed of a Neon Led tube placed behind sheets of specially coated optical plexiglass. The light’s journey through the material is marked by unexpected hues of colors and transparencies.

Some of the luminaires’ shapes resemble totems, whilst the light, diffused, and subtle,  creates a state of tranquility. The lamps are brought to life by the viewer, who by turning them on unravels a harmonious, yet surprising play of light, color, and opacity. The luminaires are smart and can be controlled via app or remote. They have a dimming function, as well as color-changing (Aurora lamps and Noosphere table version) which also influences the lightscape. This function enables the user to use the lamp as ambient light or a decorative lamp.


ONNDA for her

  • Statement small necklaceStatement small necklace

    Statement small necklace

    37,00 47,00  Incl VAT
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  • Statement necklaceStatement necklace

    Statement necklace

    37,00 47,00  Incl VAT
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  • Statement large necklaceStatement large necklace

    Statement large necklace

    79,00 88,00  Incl VAT
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  • Neon RingNeon Ring

    Neon Ring

    18,00  Incl VAT
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  • In bloom necklaceIn bloom necklace

    In bloom necklace

    19,00 27,00  Incl VAT
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  • In bloom earringsIn bloom earrings

    In bloom earrings

    19,00 24,00  Incl VAT
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  • Concentric ringConcentric ring

    Concentric ring

    19,00  Incl VAT
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  • Concentric necklaceConcentric necklace

    Concentric necklace

    26,00 36,00  Incl VAT
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  • Concentric line ringConcentric line ring

    Concentric line ring

    19,00  Incl VAT
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  • Concentric line necklaceConcentric line necklace

    Concentric line necklace

    26,00 36,00  Incl VAT
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  • Concentric earringsConcentric earrings

    Concentric earrings

    27,00 32,00  Incl VAT
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  • Bauhaus necklaceBauhaus necklace

    Bauhaus necklace

    28,00 33,00  Incl VAT
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  • Bauhaus earringBauhaus earring

    Bauhaus earring

    24,00 27,00  Incl VAT
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  • Bauhaus broochBauhaus brooch

    Bauhaus brooch

    27,00  Incl VAT
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Onnda for her is a unique collection of jewelry pieces designed to make you stand out from the crowd. The pieces create fascinating colorful reflections cast on your body and the surroundings. The dichroic acrylic glass displays fascinating iridescent effects which change in color depending on the ambient light, the angle, and body movement. Thus the wearer brings the pieces to life. Be an eye-catching presence by wearing Onnda for her.


Tree-gather is a family of light-bringers. The candle-holders have different personalities, yet they also fit well together, which is when they shine brightest. Inspired by Christmas trees, yet much more than that. the misfit, the classy one, the gatherer, and the inbetweener are meant to bring light in a playful yet elegant way during the festive season. Tree-gather are ideal gifts for friends and family since each can be gifted to fit personality traits. The minimalist and timeless design makes them a special decoration all year round.

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